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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization HA [ha ha]

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization has an HA feature -- Red Hat advertises it as equivalent to VMware HA. Take a look at the numerous deficiencies in that product that will have you laughing all the way to the datacenter - HA [ha ha].

Choose any two: Hyper-V, HA, Linux

It is very difficult to cleanly shut down a Linux VM on Hyper-V if it is configured for HA. This is because there is no orderly guest shutdown feature in the integration components.

What would things be like without VMFS?

If you have been using VMware ESX, then you might be a little spoiled by VMFS, VMware’s clustered filesystem. I have a hunch that many of us just take it for granted: create large LUNs, add to multiple ESX servers, create your virtual machines and be done with it. And, oh, migrate the VMs around […]