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SR-IOV and VMware vMotion

Working together with Intel and Dell, VMware demonstrated vMotion with SR-IOV on ESX in 2009.

vMotion Performance on VROOM! Videos

Todd and Sreekanth from the VMware Performance Team talk about vMotion, with a guest appearance by Eric Gray.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: Pentium II Inside!

While VMware ESX exposes the latest performance-enhancing CPU instructions to virtual machines, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) takes a more conservative approach -- downgrading all CPUs to masquerade as an old Pentium II.

Hyper-V More Stable, Just as Mature as VMware vSphere?

Microsoft Virtualization publishes an embarrassing guest post refuting vSphere advantages, doing more harm than good.

vSphere Console Stays Connected During VMotion

When an administrator is connected to an VMware ESX virtual machine remote console and that VM is migrated with VMotion to another host, the connection seamlessly migrates to the destination host. Hyper-V does not offer this capability.

On Quick Storage Migration in R2

Unlike Storage VMotion from VMware, Quick Storage Migration requires a VM to suspend and be unavailable for a period of time, making it unsuitable for production.

VMotion from physical ESX 4 to virtual ESX 4

In yesterday’s post I showed how VMware ESX 4 can be run as a guest OS inside a virtual machine on ESX 4. As a follow-up, here is an interesting feat that can be performed with such a configuration: migrate a running VM with VMotion from the physical ESX host to the virtual ESX host. […]

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager released

Well, today’s the day.  The announcements have begun:  SCVMM is finally out.  I’m kind of waiting for someone to say Microsoft released it “early,” since the (latest) announced stated end of October. Brace yourself for a tidal wave of FUD from Redmond that perhaps only the Linux community has known.  Here are a couple examples […]

Hey boss, where do you want these virtual machines?

There are quite a few articles these days comparing VMware virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V, which is to be expected since the press knows this topic is in the foreground for many IT managers right now. A typical, albeit incorrect, comparison goes something like this: Both products are bare metal hypervisors VMware has lots of great […]

How to see if Quick Migration is right for your workload

I saw humor in this article comparing VMware VMotion with Microsoft Quick Migration: So, the best thing to do is to test the applications that will eventually run in virtual servers with Quick Migration and see what happens. Then, in a physical server with the installed application, run it and use it to perform an […]