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iPad Mini Giveaway — Exclusively for VCritical Supporters!

Can I count on your support this year in the vSphere-Land top virtualization blog vote?

VCritical Launches into Facebook! [The North Face Backpack Giveaway]

Join VCritical on Facebook for a chance to win a cool The North Face Yavapai Backpack.

State of the Sponsors 2011

See an update on current happenings from four VCritical sponsors that are focused on virtualization management.

Best of 2010

As we come to the end of 2010, take a look back at some of the top articles on VCritical.

VCritical in the top vDozen at vSphere-land

VCritical was voted #12 in the latest vSphere-land top blog survey.

Best of 2009

The top 6 posts on VCritical by page view and by reader comments.

First year of VCritical

The VCritical blog has been online for a year and has seen exceptional month-over-month growth as readers seek the truth about enterprise virtualization.

vLaunchPad: Lucky number thirteen!

VMware vLaunchPad is now updated with the latest ranking of the Top 20 VMware bloggers. Congratulations are in order to all of the hard-working bloggers on the list — especially the top two, holding on to their positions from last time: Duncan Epping and Scott Lowe. Although the VCritical grassroots campaign was not effective against […]

Vote VCritical — for change

Eric Siebert is soliciting feedback from the community as he prepares to update the top 20 blogs on his VMware vLaunchPad.  That means virtualization blog campaign season is here.  But, unlike those multi-year federal campaigns, this one is short — just two weeks. The candidates are out virtually knocking on doors — Duncan Epping, Eric […]

One-hundredth VCritical Post

Since establishing VCritical back in September I have published 99 posts — this post is number 100. If you are a newer reader, you might be interested in taking a look at the Site Index — a single listing of all articles by title. And here are the top two posts of all time: Storage […]

Not another virtualization blog!

I just discovered the Virtual Foundry blog, started by Robert Patton earlier this month.  Take a look at his intro post, titled “Dude, not another virtualization blog” and I am sure you will agree that this one has very strong potential.  I especially like his angle of investigating new topics with original content and his […]

Twitter Century Mark

Today I hit 100 followers on Twitter.  Sure, that is relatively low, but you have to start somewhere — the first 100 is always the hardest.  Are you on Twitter? Those interested can follow me: @eric_gray

Thinking about blogging?

Are you hesitant to start your own blog because you want to “do it right?”  Would you like to hear some step-by-step startup tips directly from an expert blogger?  If so, you are in luck!  No, I’m not talking about me, folks —  Brent Ozar, the SQL Server Expert who has been blogging for ages, […]