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3 CPUs and 12GB RAM is the New Tier-1 App

In what can only be regarded as a breakthrough in hypervisor performance technology, it is now possible to run tier-1 applications on minimal resources and without regard for high-availability of any kind!

VMware vCenter Server 4 task and event retention

As tasks and events happen in vCenter Server they are logged in the VC database.  After a while these tables can become quite large. Prior to vCenter Server 4, customers wishing to prune their VC database down needed to do so manually.  VMware provides an SQL script via KB 1000125 that allows administrators to delete […]

VMware vCenter Server performance stats levels

VirtualCenter (vCenter) database storage requirements grow rapidly as administrators increase the levels from default settings.

VMware vCenter really needs an agent

As vCenter Server (VirtualCenter) collects performance data, it is stored in the VC database. As the data ages, it is aggregated to save storage space.