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What would things be like without VMFS?

If you have been using VMware ESX, then you might be a little spoiled by VMFS, VMware’s clustered filesystem. I have a hunch that many of us just take it for granted: create large LUNs, add to multiple ESX servers, create your virtual machines and be done with it. And, oh, migrate the VMs around […]

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager released

Well, today’s the day.  The announcements have begun:  SCVMM is finally out.  I’m kind of waiting for someone to say Microsoft released it “early,” since the (latest) announced stated end of October. Brace yourself for a tidal wave of FUD from Redmond that perhaps only the Linux community has known.  Here are a couple examples […]

Hey boss, where do you want these virtual machines?

There are quite a few articles these days comparing VMware virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V, which is to be expected since the press knows this topic is in the foreground for many IT managers right now. A typical, albeit incorrect, comparison goes something like this: Both products are bare metal hypervisors VMware has lots of great […]

How to see if Quick Migration is right for your workload

I saw humor in this article comparing VMware VMotion with Microsoft Quick Migration: So, the best thing to do is to test the applications that will eventually run in virtual servers with Quick Migration and see what happens. Then, in a physical server with the installed application, run it and use it to perform an […]