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New network and scripted install features in Photon OS TP2

Photon OS TP2, the open source small-footprint container runtime from VMware, gains several new features to help vSphere administrators deploy and manage: PXE boot, scripted install, and guest OS customization.

Automatically prepare an ESXi ISO image for PXE booting

Use this shell script to extract and modify the contents of an ESXi ISO image for use with PXE boot installation.

Automating VMware Tools install on Ubuntu 12.04

Include VMware Tools during Ubuntu PXE installs by adding a few lines to the preseed configuration.

VMware ESXi 5 Scripted Install to USB Flash

VMware vSphere 5 adds the ability to perform a scripted installation of VMware ESXi 5 to a USB flash drive or SD card. Hyper-V? Not so much.

VMware ESXi 5 Interactive PXE Installation Improvements

VMware ESXi 5 media can be used for interactive PXE installs without creating the image.tgz file that ESXi 4.1 required. A "prefix" directive for boot.cfg also makes it easier to organize various versions of the install media into subdirectories.

Peaceful Coexistence: WDS and Linux PXE Servers

PXE is arguably the best way to install VMware ESXi or Linux and it also enables various Linux-based utilities. See how to configure Windows Deployment Services to coexist with a Linux PXE server.