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Register a LUN full of VMs with PowerCLI

PowerCLI makes it easy to automate vSphere tasks such as registering dormant VMs. It is also easy to create a hosts file for resolving guest IP addresses when DNS is not available.

PowerShell Prevents Datastore Emergencies

When a datastore in your VMware vSphere environment is about to fill up, you can have vCenter automatically spring into action to prevent downtime by using Storage VMotion.

Better console for PowerShell and VITK

By using Console2 with PowerShell and the VI Toolkit, users have much better text manipulation capabilities as well as the option to use different fonts.

VI Toolkit (for Windows) 1.5 and the PowerShell prompt

The VI Toolkit for Windows overrides an existing PowerShell prompt function. Here is one simple way to restore a desired setting.

VI Toolkit (for Windows) 1.5 released

There is a new version of the VI Toolkit (for Windows) up for the taking now, with quite a few new cmdlets and fixes.  Visit the official blog for links to download and read the release notes.  I installed the upgrade on top of my existing 1.0 without any issues.  (Wow, the download now weighs […]

Finding thin-provisioned virtual disks with PowerShell

Even though the VI Client does not offer creation of VMs with thin-provisioned disks, they may exist. Use a PowerShell script to identify them.

Clean up vCenter with PowerShell after SCVMM leaves

When System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) connects to VirtualCenter/vCenter, several changes are made. Learn how to recover everything with PowerShell.