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VMware vSphere 5 outperforms Hyper-V by nearly 20%

Independent tests show VMware vSphere 5 outperforms Hyper-V R2 SP1 in overall performance, resource management, and scalability.

A recent article on a popular technology media outlet includes misinformed claims about Hyper-V Dynamic Memory advantages over VMware vSphere.

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory: Not Quite Ready to Demo!

At MMS 2011, Microsoft presented a fake demonstration of Hyper-V Dynamic Memory in a breakout session. But why?

Hyper-V [Not Exactly] Dynamic Memory

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory is coming in SP1, but workarounds may be needed to install applications.

Hello Dynamic Memory?

With Hyper-V R2 out the door, leaked screenshots from a post-RTM build of Windows Server 2008 R2 suggest a Dynamic Memory feature is coming in a successor.

Hyper-V More Stable, Just as Mature as VMware vSphere?

Microsoft Virtualization publishes an embarrassing guest post refuting vSphere advantages, doing more harm than good.

The Truth About Hyper-V Memory Overcommit

Learn about Microsoft's attempt to implement memory overcommit in Hyper-V.