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Shared-nothing Live Migration: Zero Downtime — Kind of

Both vSphere and Hyper-V offer a capability to move running virtual machines and storage in a single operation, but virtual disks on local storage cannot be protected by HA.

SR-IOV and VMware vMotion

Working together with Intel and Dell, VMware demonstrated vMotion with SR-IOV on ESX in 2009.

Hyper-V 3 Offers Unlimited Live Migrations — Kind of

The next version of Hyper-V, part of Windows Server 2012, purportedly performs "unlimited" concurrent live migrations.

VMware vMotion: Over 5 Times Faster Than Hyper-V Live Migration

Side-by-side tests show that VMware vMotion is over 5 times faster than Hyper-V Live Migration. Plus, vMotion is more reliable and protects application SLAs much better than Hyper-V.

Hyper-V More Stable, Just as Mature as VMware vSphere?

Microsoft Virtualization publishes an embarrassing guest post refuting vSphere advantages, doing more harm than good.

SCVMM/PRO Complexity: High

According to Microsoft's own documentation, integrating SCOM with SCVMM adds high complexity and additional cost to your virtualization environment.

Live Migration “significantly more complicated”

Because of the extra configuration -- and tools -- needed to deploy a complete Hyper-V R2 solution, eWeek concludes that VMware ESX/VMotion is simpler than Live Migration.

Hyper-V Console Disconnects During Live Migration

When a Hyper-V virtual machine console is connected and a live migration is initiated -- automatically with PRO Tips or manually -- the remote client disconnects. The situation must be resolved manually by the administrator, unlike VMware ESX, which seamlessly migrates remote console connections during VMotion.