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Microsoft Management Summit 2012 a.k.a. “MMS 2011 for real this time”

Microsoft tipped their hand by announcing a plethora of beta products in 2011, left with little to announce this year at Microsoft Management Summit 2012.

VMware vSphere 5 outperforms Hyper-V by nearly 20%

Independent tests show VMware vSphere 5 outperforms Hyper-V R2 SP1 in overall performance, resource management, and scalability.

Citrix Not Focused on Server Virtualization?

Citrix CFO downplays XenServer during Q2 2011 earnings call, shifting focus to Microsoft Hyper-V.

vSphere Smokes Competitors in InfoWorld Shoot-Out

Latest InfoWorld comparison of all major virtualization platforms puts VMware vSphere on top!

How Steve Ballmer Uses Evernote to Manage Executives

What would it be like to see Steve Ballmer's MacBook Pro, where he uses Evernote to devise his latest Microsoft executive transition plans.

Which 50% will you virtualize?

Bob Kelley, a Microsoft VP, recently made the claim that only 50 percent of all workloads will be virtualized. The rest of the industry clearly disagrees.

The Million Hypervisor March

Hyper-V is often downloaded to Windows Server systems that will never be used to run virtual machines. Making this an irrelevant metric for Hyper-V installed base figures.

Two thousand?

Gartner recently published a report with some interesting details on System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).  One of the three key findings: Operations Manager 2007’s value diminishes when managing non-Microsoft IT elements, whether management is provided by Microsoft or a third party. Sort of reminds me of the value of SCVMM-VirtualCenter integration, but that’s another topic.

Have you seen “the IDC report”?

If you are following the virtualization industry, you have most certainly seen one of the many articles about the IDC Virtualization Tracker report that was just released. Folks, this report has some big problems.  According to the IDC Fact Sheet, “IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Server Virtualization Tracker consists of independent, unbiased data, updated quarterly.”  I’m not […]