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Survey Reveals Evolving Role of IT – Emphasis on Cloud and Mobile

New survey acknowledges importance of mobile device management in the enterprise, which is obviously why VMware acquired AirWatch.

Conjecture from Microsoft Marketing GM on VMware Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft exec responds to VMware Hybrid Cloud. Heavily.

Azure Cloud Appliances: Doomed from the Start?

The length of the short list of Microsoft partners offering a huge Azure "appliance" is approaching zero.

System Center 2012 “Cloud in Your Pocket”; More Lies Ahead

It takes a lot more than a 16GB flash drive full of management products to deliver a production cloud.

System Center 2012 “Ready Now”; More Lies Ahead

Microsoft System Center private cloud campaign claims "Ready now." Is it?

Missing: “Private Clouds” at the MMS 2012 Hosted Cloud Pavilion

The "hosted private clouds" on display at MMS 2012 were based on shared infrastructure, making them public clouds in reality.

Announcing the Cloud Power Caption Contest Winner

The Microsoft Cloud Power billboard on Highway 101 is obscured by a construction project. See who won last week's caption contest.

Cloud Power Caption Contest [Win VMware Workstation 8!]

Win a copy of the new VMware Workstation 8 by providing the best caption for a photo of the Microsoft Cloud Power billboard construction site.

Part V: The Unveiling

Be sure to sign up for the major VMware event happening July 12, 2011 at 9 a.m.

OpSource Cloud Experience — Import/Export

See the two-step process used to export a VM from the OpSource Cloud in OVF format for use with a vSphere private cloud.

OpSource Cloud Experience — Networking

Learn some of the details behind the OpSource Cloud network topology and performance.

OpSource Cloud Experience — Connecting

Learn about connection options, such as SSL VPN and NAT, for workloads running on the OpSource Cloud.

OpSource Cloud Experience — Introduction

OpSource Cloud is a public IaaS cloud built on VMware vSphere 4.1. Take a look at some of the features in this multi-part series.

How Steve Ballmer Uses Evernote to Manage Executives

What would it be like to see Steve Ballmer's MacBook Pro, where he uses Evernote to devise his latest Microsoft executive transition plans.

Unboxing the Cloud

See a [hilarious] video where experts from Neovise unbox the industry's first "cloud in a box"

vComeback Contest Winners! [Microsoft Cloud Power]

Last week VCritical hosted the vComeback Contest which received scores of responses. Now find out who the winners are!

vComeback Contest: Microsoft Cloud Power Billboard

Your pithy response to Microsoft's latest cloud billboard could win you a copy of Maximum vSphere in the first-ever vComeback Contest!

Microsoft Private Cloud: No CSV Allowed!

The new Microsoft private cloud "Virtual Machine Manager Self Server Portal 2" takes a major step backward, reverting to the "one VM per LUN" limitation when scripting LUN creation.

Microsoft likens vSphere cloud to ancient fax machines

Director of Microsoft Virtualization says vSphere hybrid clouds remind him of ancient fax machines, overlooking reality of current IaaS landscape.

Microsoft seeks to stem Azure exodus with huge appliance

Microsoft announces Azure-in-a-box, seemingly in response to customers leaving the hosted Azure platform.

Cloudy with a chance of vaporware

A year ago at MMS 2009, Microsoft criticized VMware for not offering public-private cloud federation. Today, Microsoft still has nothing to show in that area.