Cloud Power Caption Contest [Win VMware Workstation 8!]

Earlier this year, the Cloud Power billboard vComeback Contest was a good chance to get creative — quite a few clever entries were submitted and a good time was had by [almost] all.  But today something peculiar is afoot at the Cloud Power billboard.  For those of you who don’t frequent highway 101 through Silicon Valley, here’s a glimpse:

As it turns out, this Microsoft Cloud wasn’t zoned for optimal utilization — it ended up in a construction site.  Sort of like unsuspecting consumers of the Office 365 service, which is so prominently featured on the sign.  Or, as they say at Azure: Temporary “DNS issue” folks. Nothing to see here.

Cloud Power: Under Construction. Hard Hat area. (Winner: Josh Atwell)


Submit Your Caption for a Chance to Win!

Think of your most clever caption to the photo above and post it below as a comment for a chance to win a copy of VMware Workstation 8 ($199 value).  Hurry, contest ends October 11.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • This cloud looked a lot taller in the brochure.
  • Are they building an entrance?  Or an exit?
  • Traffic fines doubled… and so have my operational costs!

Google vs. Microsoft

Want to know the real irony here?  This obstruction is a pedestrian footbridge that will be frequented by Google employees on their commute to one of many buildings in the area.  You can’t make this stuff up.

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Rules: Winner selection is subjective.  If similar entries are received, the first submitter will have priority.  Entry must be received by October 11, 2011 11:59 p.m. PDT.  Prize not claimed within five days of notification will be forfeited.  Contestants must be legal residents of earth.  Not sponsored or endorsed by any third-party.

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  1. Bill Hull’s avatar

    1. Mind over Matter?

    2. It’s all a matter of reading between the lines

    3. Don’t judge a sign by it’s cover

  2. Dan Hayward’s avatar

    1. Cloud Power – Can you see it’s potential?
    2. Microsoft’s cloud, as obscured as ever.

  3. Ryan Schurman’s avatar

    1. Walking on cloud nine…looking for the other four. (five nines)
    2. Every cloud has a silver lining…in this case a bridge to Google.
    3. Talk about clouding the issue…

  4. Phil Dalton’s avatar

    Going by the amount of “issues” that MS have had up to now, is this not simply the :

    “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” ?

  5. Paul Hoffman’s avatar

    Progress obscures the solution without foresight

  6. Adam Eckerle’s avatar

    1. Microsoft’s Cloud – Footbridge to the Future

    2. Microsoft Cloud Power – Security through Obscurity

  7. LimTB’s avatar

    What’s new? Once on Micro$oft, everything doubled. Please don’t fine us further, tolong tolong!

  8. Dominic Pedroza’s avatar

    Okay, now when we light these…our firewall will be complete and no one will get through!

  9. Robert’s avatar

    Ah, and now we finally learn the best way to deal with the Microsoft Cloud – build a bridge (to vSphere) and get over it!

  10. Alex Kamalov’s avatar

    1.The road to Microsoft Cloud Power is laid with construction – one fine at a time.

    2. Construction of Tower of Barad-dûr has been outsourced to Microsoft Cloud

    3. Never-Never Land: Come in, if you dare…

  11. Bill H’s avatar

    Over the cloud and onto the footbridge, to the datacenter we go!

    Thinking of taking your migration to the cloud to the next level?

  12. Josh_Atwell’s avatar

    Cloud Power: Under Construction. Hard Hat area.

    1. Eric Gray’s avatar

      Congratulations, Josh! You are the winner. Enjoy your free copy of VMware Workstation 8!


    2. Alex G’s avatar

      1) Microsoft Cloud Power – still under construction?

      2) Microsoft Cloud Power – you’ll be able to see it better eventually!

      3) Don’t speed to the Microsoft Cloud – Traffic fines double!

      4) Hey, does this bridge go to the Cloud?

      5) Microsoft Cloud – a bridge to nowhere?

    3. Jeremy Speirs’s avatar

      1. Google blocks access to Microsoft’s cloud amidst mobile patent disputes. Google denies allegations sources say.

      2. Microsoft’s cloud falls from the sky.

      3. Microsoft’s cloud powers down. Ballmer does nothing.

    4. Sean Duffy’s avatar

      “The construction of my cloud environment was a slow process with Microsoft Cloud Power.”

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