vComeback Contest: Microsoft Cloud Power Billboard

Microsoft recently plastered this giant attack ad on a key Silicon Valley passageway — Northbound Highway 101 in Mountain View:

Fun fact: The billboard on the opposite side is running an Apple iTunes ad.


Catchy, yet sophisticated and original.

Your witty comeback could win you a cool vSphere book!

Got a pithy response to this new Microsoft cloud marketing line?  Share it with the virtualization community by submitting a comment below for a chance to win a great prize.

The possibilities are endless.  Keep it clean.

For instance, you might reply:  “Yeah, I’d say the exact same thing if my virtualization was Hyper-V.”

A panel of distinguished judges I will subjectively select two winners to receive copies of Eric Siebert’s excellent book, Maximum vSphere.  Contest ends January 13, 11:59 p.m. PST and is open to everyone, but prizes will only be shipped to winners within the US.  Two winners will be announced no later than January 17.

Multiple responses are allowed — submit early, submit often.

UPDATE: Check out the colorful commentary by Colin Steele at TechTarget.

Comeback inspiration

For some comeback inspiration, take a look at this classic Seinfeld scene.  Just don’t go all George Costanza on us.

Disclaimers:  Book giveaways provided by publisher.  Contest not sponsored by, nor affiliated with, any third-parties.    No clouds were harmed in the making  of this blog post.

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  1. Paul Woodward’s avatar

    the cloud is roads to more than just an operating system

  2. Mike Preston’s avatar

    Virtualization alone does not a cloud soluti…C:\Program Files\Cloud\HyperV\hyper.exe is not a valid win32 application. Stop ERROR 0x0000020

    1. Fernando’s avatar


    2. Brent Ozar’s avatar

      “You have to add vapor and FUD too.”

    3. H’s avatar

      You need vendor lock-in too.

    4. Jim Bodkin’s avatar

      “Bill Gates, who for years was the richest man in the world, is also one of the smartest. But even he couldn’t figure out how to beat the Internet — how to transition his grand old monopoly software company, Microsoft, into a business that thrives on the Net. And so he begins his retirement today from Microsoft as the PC era’s biggest winner, and the Web era’s most spectacular casualty.” Josh Quittner

    5. JD Langdon’s avatar

      I’d like to submit:
      vSphere, taking the Hyper-V entilation out of cloud computing.

    6. Michael Noone’s avatar

      You also need patches, lots of patches… And security holes, you need those too.

    7. PiroNet’s avatar

      OMG Cloud me in the Neck!

    8. Paul Nelis’s avatar

      No amount of marketing fog can dispell the actual working clouds seeded by VMware

    9. Hany Michael’s avatar

      “Bloody hell..even on billboards they’ve got BSOD’s!”

    10. Thomas Corfmat’s avatar



    11. Tony’s avatar

      Yoda called…he wants his speech writer back.

    12. Wiilliam’s avatar


      This made my Monday morning, great find! Perhaps Microsoft was going for a Yoda impression. May the cloud force be with those with proper grammar 🙂

    13. Adam Gross’s avatar

      I would say you would want to hit them on their dumb cloud commercials. So something like “Get more out of your cloud than just sharing documents” or “The cloud is more than just sharing pictures”

      Another one would be “Don’t let your cloud go up in flames” or if you want to be more vaguely direct against Microsoft and more complicated, “Don’t let your cloud go up in flaMeS” with “flae” in red and “MS” in black

    14. Brent Quick’s avatar

      Don’t believe the hype mind-share does not equal market-share, VMware is the silver lining in the cloud.

    15. JoeC’s avatar

      Microsoft – Transforming the cloud into fog.

    16. Shekhar’s avatar

      Open your window panes to let in the VMware clouds


      No Window panes if you want clouds


      Windows block Clouds


      Feel the clouds without windows.

    17. Shekhar’s avatar

      Clouds pills for window pa(i)n(e)s

    18. B. Riley’s avatar

      How about a simple equation:

      Microsoft – (Jim Allchin – Ray Ozzie – Bob Muglia) + Steve Ballmer = FAIL

    19. michael’s avatar

      There is no try. Do [cloud] or do not

      (With a Yoda-esque little green guy beside it, leaning a stick)

    20. michael’s avatar

      Ask yourself “what would google do” 4 VIRTUALIZATION?

    21. Mark Richman’s avatar

      Microsoft is in a coma.

    22. chris’s avatar

      Creating products in every corner of technology does not make you a virtualization expert.

    23. chris’s avatar

      Database server …. check.
      Mail server…. check.
      Server OS … check.
      Client OS … check.
      Collaboration server … check

      Hypervisor … CHOKE.

    24. Christian Mohn’s avatar

      Are you Azure of that?

      1. Jake’s avatar

        LOL, good one. 😀

        1. Christian Mohn’s avatar

          I’m pretty Azure that is decent. Like most MS offerings; Decent.

        2. Jake’s avatar

          Cloud you say? The vForce you must use.

          1. Jake’s avatar

            Oh, man, it took out my yoda tag…

            Cloud you say? hmm.. The vForce you must use. -Yoda

          2. anon’s avatar

            Virturlization without the Virtulization (Type-1 Hypervisor) layer does not a Cloud Solution make

            Hardware, Windows, Apps

          3. Robert S’s avatar

            We’ve got our head in the clouds remembering the old days. That’s our solution.

          4. JD Langdon’s avatar

            I was one years ago that read “In a world without fences and walls, who needs Windows and Gates?”

          5. Stu Fox’s avatar

            Boy, you guys at VMware must be feeling really sensitive if that’s what classes as an attack these days, it’s just a simple statement of fact.

            1. Jacob Foster’s avatar

              Do you work for Microsoft?

              1. Stu Fox’s avatar

                Yes, I would have thought that was reasonably obvious given the URL for my website.

                1. Eric Gray’s avatar

                  I thought that was Jacob’s submission for the contest. It’s pretty good.


                2. Kevin’s avatar

                  64 million lines of code should be enough for anybody

                3. KenJ’s avatar

                  Microsoft (TM) Windows (TM) Cloud Server 2011 R2 Data Center Edition – Where do you want to rain today? (C)

                4. anon’s avatar

                  Have mission critical apps? Never rely on Virtualization technology that requires old Windows Registry code.

                5. Tuber’s avatar

                  The Microsoft Cloud – Where your head goes after pulling it out of your rump.


                  Marketing alone does not a legitimate business make.

                  1. Brent Ozar’s avatar

                    Hahaha, marketing alone, I like that.

                  2. Tuber’s avatar


                    Don’t Believe the Hyper-V

                  3. anon’s avatar

                    Was listening to Queen’s “I want to break free” when I came across this blog.. so… picture Freddie Mercury tied up and singing…

                    “I want to break free.. free from hyper-Veee”

                  4. Chris’s avatar

                    I think the Rolling Stones coined it… “Hey you get off my cloud”

                    or what do call a sheep with no legs? Azure

                  5. Dag Kvello’s avatar

                    a Clouded vision does not equal a vision of the cloud.

                  6. @vRobM’s avatar

                    Microsoft alone does not a Cloud Solution make.

                    Virtualization without VMware does not a Cloud Solution make.

                    Get vCritical on a Microsoft Cloud Solution.

                  7. Ben’s avatar

                    “Did you hear the one about competition? Microsoft bought Heinz, and still couldn’t Ketchup.”

                  8. Craig Householder’s avatar

                    Some clouds may be formed of vapor but ours started with virtualization!

                  9. eric’s avatar

                    Hyper-V is just hype I see

                  10. Harley Stagner’s avatar

                    “Marketing alone does not a solution make”

                    1. Harley Stagner’s avatar

                      Oops. I see someone beat me to that.

                    2. Dane’s avatar

                      The only thing you’ll get with a Micro$oft cloud is soaked.

                    3. Nick’s avatar

                      “Hyper-V is dumb”

                    4. Nick’s avatar

                      “Hyper-V – It will give you herpes”

                    5. B’s avatar

                      VMware: No windows need to be opened to experience our clouds.
                      Mydoom, MSBlaster, Zotob, CodeRed, Conficker…Same target, same result. Virtualization is for proven technologies, not flawed ones of the past.
                      Our vehicle does not need Windows to get to the cloud.

                    6. chris’s avatar


                    7. Charles Killmer’s avatar

                      ESX, all virtual, no monkeys.

                    8. Jon Owings’s avatar

                      I know I am late but wanted to comment:

                      “Virtualization the foundation of cloud computing. Do you want to build on the rock of vSphere or the sand of Hyper-V?”

                    9. Massimo Re Ferre'’s avatar

                      “Virtualization alone does not a cloud solution make” ?

                      An OS that has both a browser and a (weak) hypervisor “bloated-in” does not a cloud solution make either.

                    10. Toby’s avatar

                      Dominance does not excellence make.

                    11. Matt Keller’s avatar

                      Microsoft Alone (where they like to be) does not make a cloud solution !!
                      Contact your VMware rep for more details

                      Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is NOT a “To the Cloud” solution
                      VMware – we have solutions

                      How many times should you have to re-boot your cloud ?
                      NONE – see for details

                      We are not alone in virtualization, Come join us !! VMware

                      The ultimate Cloud solution is a multi-vendor solution that enables YOUR business

                    12. Vuong’s avatar

                      Hyper-V: Redefining cloud computing with pure Obfuscation and FUD

                    13. Vuong’s avatar

                      Hyper-V: Redefining cloud computing with pure FUD and lots of Obfuscation

                    14. graalar’s avatar

                      (On a billboard before Microsoft’s)

                      Limited visibility: Microsoft Cloud Power ahead.

                    15. Bill R’s avatar

                      Windows alone does make a cloud solution break!!

                    16. John’s avatar

                      The VMware response is to provide superior cloud solutions.

                    17. graalar’s avatar

                      Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride with Microsoft Cloud Power.
                      Smooth your transition to the cloud with VMware.

                    18. Alyssa’s avatar

                      It’s hard to get to the cloud when your servers are stuck on the ground.

                      1. Vuong’s avatar

                        oh you mean when your windoze boxes are busy taking a dirtnap

                      2. David Forsch’s avatar

                        Cloud alone does not an IT solution make.

                      3. pstarke’s avatar


                      4. Paul Chambre’s avatar

                        vCloud: no smoke (and no mirrors).

                      5. graalar’s avatar

                        VMware. The cure for the common cloud.

                      6. Ernest’s avatar

                        Microsoft has to add this to their add:

                        Coming soon!!!

                      7. Vitaly Tsipris’s avatar

                        “Marketing alone does not a cloud solution make”!

                      8. Simon’s avatar

                        “Our clouds, the earth they do not cost. Can others say the same?”

                        “Unlike others, we don’t have our head in the clouds, we build the clouds”

                        “Our virtualization makes the weather cloudy over Redmond”

                      9. jbrison’s avatar

                        “Do Clouds require an Active-X to start?”

                      10. Paul Kelly’s avatar

                        Hyper-V: Press any key to restart
                        VMware: Hand-crafted by people that care
                        Microsoft Cloud – Don’t let it rain on your parade
                        Microsoft Cloud – It will rain on your parade

                      11. Eric Gray’s avatar

                        Thanks everyone for participating. Winners have been selected, please see

                      12. Jason Boche’s avatar

                        My submission links to this MS article (For $50,000, I could pay someone to move my virtual machines for me) where MS bolsters the opinion that hot migration (& really it’s about whatever competitor technology MS does not yet have) isn’t needed by its customers:

                        So I guess the moral here is that the cloud also requires (and should be trusted to) an intern who works 24x7x365.

                      13. Zack’s avatar

                        Bring on the cloud, not the hype(r-V)

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