Got Gravatar?

Have you noticed the avatar images next to blog comments that make each author more easily identifiable?

On WordPress blogs, these images are generally made possible through a service called Gravatar.  Most of the Top 20 Blogs at vSphere Land use WordPress — if you plan on commenting on the VM blogs, why not take a moment to set up a Gravatar for yourself?

I’m pointing this out in case folks are under the impression that they must have a special account on VCritical to display an avatar next to their comments — it’s all handled by Gravatar.

Do you have a Gravatar?

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    1. Eric Gray’s avatar

      NiTRo, I took a look at your blog. Very clever logo design!

    2. NiTRo’s avatar

      Thanks ! Believe me, i was looking for something nice during a longtime and one day i was waiting an ESXi boot and think “what a nice boot screen” 😀 3sec photoshop later it was done !

    3. Rick Vanover’s avatar

      Thanks for the tip, Eric. I was actually trying to figure that out.


    4. Eric Gray’s avatar

      There is no easy way to discover where those avatars come from. Good to know it helped.

    5. Vladan’s avatar

      And once you change your picture in your profile, all your old comments change your picture logo too.. cool

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