Notice the new VMware logo?

This week at VMworld 2009, VMware is unveiling a new logo:

New VMware Logo

As you can see, there are minor changes to the font — well, if you are a graphic designer you probably don’t think the changes are minor — but the biggest difference is the removal of the “three boxes.”

The old logo is dead!  Long live the new logo!

Not quite –from what I hear, the new logo will be phased in over time in a cost-effective way.  I’m sure the shareholders appreciate that.

For comparison, here is what the old logo looked like:


What do you think of the new logo?

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  1. Carlo Costanzo’s avatar

    I liked the Boxes! 🙂 It’ll be interesting to see how the Windows Icons morph. They are all various representations of the boxes.

  2. John Gibson’s avatar

    I don’t like it… the connection between the v and the m in vmware looks terrible compared to the previous logo.

  3. Fernando’s avatar

    Honestly, I don’t like it, but the logo itself is meaningless, the rock solid VMware products are what matters.

  4. NiTRo’s avatar

    Like Carlo, i already miss the boxes of the first vmware logo…

  5. Vladan’s avatar


    Aready adopted… even if I’m feeling a bit nostalgic too… -:)

  6. Bobbi Perrin’s avatar

    I like the boxes too! What is the reasoning behind changing the VMware logo? Inquiring minds want to know…. 🙂

  7. Eric Gray’s avatar

    Thanks everyone for chiming in on the new logo. I know many old-timers will miss the boxes — we fear change. 🙂

    The new logo will stand out better and make the VMware name more recognizable.

  8. ml’s avatar

    Eee… look the same 😉

  9. Brad Hatch’s avatar

    I need your new logo in a vector-based format for a partner presentation we’re doing at SAP TechEd. Can someone e-mail it to me?

    1. Eric Gray’s avatar

      Brad, I’ve passed your info to an appropriate contact within VMware.

    2. Altaf Shaikh’s avatar

      Vector base Logo… pls pass on to other friends also…

    3. HRMS’s avatar

      superb logo.this was batter than the previous logo.

    4. Corey’s avatar

      What is the base typeface/font used in the “ware” portion of the new vmware logo?

      Thanks in Advance!

      Looks great.


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