Humble… but dishonest

Hard to believe that Microsoft Virtualization is still trying to convince the world that more than a million people have downloaded Hyper-V in the past year:

We’re pleased and humbled to announce that in the first 12 months of Hyper-V R1 availability with Windows Server 2008, there have been over 1+ million downloads of Hyper-V R1 Gold (RTM) software, making Hyper-V the fastest growing bare metal hypervisor in x86 history.

In case you are not familiar with this scam, please refer to the Million Hypervisor March and Hyper-V Deployments Suddenly Drop to Zero.

What will they do now?  Windows 2008 R2 will not be shipping with a beta version of the hypervisor like Windows 2008 did.  There will be no automatic download of the “Gold” code as the new R2 OS is deployed.  I suppose they will just have to count every single Windows 2008 R2 license as a Hyper-V host — just like they do right now.

What do you think?  Is there the slightest chance that this “1+ million” figure represents actual Hyper-V deployments?

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  1. Erik Scholten’s avatar

    I think the majority of the Hyper-V downloads is for evaluation purposes only.
    I downloaded it myself to see what the fuss was about but this can and may not be considered as a Hyper-V deployment. I removed as quick as I could.

  2. Eric Gray’s avatar

    Erik, you may have intentionally downloaded Hyper-V to evaluate it, but keep in mind that just turning on Windows Update will automatically download it as well. Even in virtual instances of Windows 2008. That means a single physical machine could be counted a dozen or more times — even if it was actually running VMware ESX. 🙂

  3. Rick Schlander’s avatar

    Hummm…this sounds very familiar. Remember how they “counted” the number of people that visit msn when that was the “default” homepage for all IE setups?

  4. Eric Gray’s avatar

    Good point, Rick. Could “Bing” be next?

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