New Family Addition

My son was born this past weekend, tipping the scales at 8 lbs. 13 oz. and a real blessing to our family.  He’s eating and sleeping like a … baby.


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  1. Harley Stagner’s avatar


    I have been following your blog for a while. Congrats on your new family addition!

  2. Carlo Costanzo’s avatar

    I predict an uptick in midnight to 3am postings! 🙂 All the best.


  3. Arnim van Lieshout’s avatar

    Congratulations Eric
    Enjoy the wonder of life.


  4. Vladan’s avatar

    Hi Eric,

    My congratulations. All the best!

  5. Eric Gray’s avatar

    Thanks, you guys. Having gone through this a few years ago with my first son, it’s all coming back to me. I must keep telling myself: yes, getting four hours of sleep at once is actually great. Must… have… coffee…

  6. Tim Stephan’s avatar

    Congratulation Eric!

  7. Bobbi Perrin’s avatar

    Congratulations Eric! Great picture…

  8. Eric Gray’s avatar

    Thank you. That was taken when he was less than two days old.

  9. Bobbi Perrin’s avatar

    I’d be afraid to go to the URL posted above. Does not look valid nor does the username look real. To me this looks like spam.

    1. Eric Gray’s avatar

      It was spam. Deleted.

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