Which guest operating systems can be customized by SCVMM?

A crucial virtualization management feature is the ability to easily configure a new virtual machine’s identity as it is provisioned from a template.  This is commonly known as guest operating system customization.

I was poking around with the System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (SCVMM) PowerShell functionality and came across an interesting cmdlet that can be used to reveal which guest operating systems are customizable:

Which yields the following list:

Interesting.  No Linux?  I thought SCVMM and Hyper-V were embracing at least one Linux distribution.  Let’s try the converse of that command:

Whoa! Why is SLES 10 is on that list?  That is a supported guest OS.

Sometimes supported doesn’t mean fully functional. For a virtualization platform that treats Linux workloads like first-class citizens, choose VMware ESX with vCenter Server:

VMware vCenter Guest Customization Wizard

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