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Responsible Thin Provisioning in VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere 4 offers thin provisioned virtual disks backed by management that enables safe use in a production environment thanks to advanced accounting of all provisioned space.

IGT Part 7: Virtual VMware ESX 4 in high demand

This article is part of a series on Incoming Google Traffic (IGT). It is very clear that the VMware community loves the ability to run virtual instances of VMware ESX 4 — this has been the most popular VCritical article ever.  Take a look at these keywords that account for hundreds of searches over the […]

Use Coreinfo to view VM core and socket count

By using an unsupported VM configuration file (vmx) option called cpuid.coresPerSocket, it is possible to present multi-core virtual CPUs to VMware ESX virtual machines.

140 vSpheres/hour

Even in the face of a tough economy and "free" competing hypervisors, VMware continues to acquire customers.

New: vSphere Resource Distribution Chart

vSphere makes it easy for administrators to see which virtual machines in a cluster are using CPU and memory.

Win a MacBook Air or iPod Touch

If you have upgraded to vSphere and have an interesting story to share with VMware, you could win a new MacBook or iPod. Deadline is August 17 — check it out.

Developer Day at VMworld 2009

Monday, August 31st VMware will be hosting Technology Exchange Developer Day for just $249. Get a free vSphere Standard development license and meet the engineers behind VMware software.

VMware DPM supported by all major server vendors

Today VMware and the top server hardware manufacturers (Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and NEC) announced full support for VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM). If you have considered using VMware DPM  in your datacenter but have hesitated due to lack of official server hardware manufacturer support statements, today’s news should provide the assurance you need to […]

Upgrading VMs to vSphere virtual hardware

When moving your virtual machines from VI3 to vSphere 4, remember to upgrade the VMware Tools before the virtual hardware. Fortunately, if you do try to upgrade the hardware to version 7 first, this helpful dialog will serve as a reminder: You might be interested in Scott Lowe’s comprehensive article on VM upgrades.

VMware vSphere 4 has a Snapshot Alarm

Snapshots have always been a powerful feature of VMware ESX — even in production deployments.  There are tons of innovative tools and scripts out there to monitor snapshots — just check out this new one from Virtu-Al. If you happen to want a simple, built-in way to monitor your snapshots in VMware vSphere 4, look […]

DHCP VMkernel port in VMware ESX 4

VMware ESX 4 allows users to select DHCP to automatically obtain an IP address for VMkernel ports -- used for VMotion, iSCSI, and NFS storage.

Pentacore CPUs in VMware ESX 4

The number of virtual CPUs in a VM on ESX 4 is not limited to power-of-two values--any integer value from 1-8 is permitted.

VMotion from physical ESX 4 to virtual ESX 4

In yesterday’s post I showed how VMware ESX 4 can be run as a guest OS inside a virtual machine on ESX 4. As a follow-up, here is an interesting feat that can be performed with such a configuration: migrate a running VM with VMotion from the physical ESX host to the virtual ESX host. […]

VMware ESX 4 can even virtualize itself

VMware ESX 4 can run multiple virtual instances of ESX 4 on a single physical server and even allows powering on and VMotion of nested VMs inside virtual ESX (vESX). Perfect for a small VMware vSphere test lab!

VMware ESX 4 – use cURL to grab files

I need to quickly download an ISO image to my new VMware ESX 4 box and discovered that the cURL utility is now included — pretty handy. If you have not used cURL, it is similar to wget.  However, with no parameters cURL will spew the download to standard out — definitely not what you […]

VMware vCenter Server 4 task and event retention

As tasks and events happen in vCenter Server they are logged in the VC database.  After a while these tables can become quite large. Prior to vCenter Server 4, customers wishing to prune their VC database down needed to do so manually.  VMware provides an SQL script via KB 1000125 that allows administrators to delete […]

VMware vSphere saves energy–and trees

You already know that VMware vSphere 4 saves you energy by running your workloads more efficiently.  In addition to that, there is new aspect of vSphere that will directly save trees.  With the vSphere 4 release, VMware is adopting a “no print” initiative for the technical documentation. In the past, printed manuals have been available […]

VMware vCenter Server 4.0 installation video

VMware officially launched vSphere earlier this week, and it’s great! I just took the gold vCenter Server 4.0 for a spin and rolled the camera while I was at it.  This video starts off with the installation of vCenter Server and the vSphere client, then I add an ESX 4 host and walk through the […]

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