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VMware vCenter Server Appliance and vRAM Reporting

VMware vSphere 5 introduces a new license report for vRAM. Unfortunately, the report does not display properly when using the Linux-based vCenter Server Virtual Appliance until a small workaround is executed.

Get Rid of those ESXi Tech Support Mode Warnings

After enabling Tech Support Mode on ESXi 4.1, a Configuration Issues warning is displayed in the vSphere Client. Find out how to quickly get rid of the message without a host reboot.

vSphere issues? Ask VMware.

Certain errors and warnings in the vSphere Client now provide links directly to VMware KB articles with more details on the specific issue.

Easily view guest IP addresses with vSphere Client

The vSphere Client allows administrators to quickly see the IP addresses used inside a virtual machine -- eliminating the need to connect to the console and interact with the guest operating system.

vSphere Console Stays Connected During VMotion

When an administrator is connected to an VMware ESX virtual machine remote console and that VM is migrated with VMotion to another host, the connection seamlessly migrates to the destination host. Hyper-V does not offer this capability.