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Microsoft Employee Submits to Polygraph Testing

Hilarious series of polygraph videos with Microsoft employee under interrogation.

Conjecture from Microsoft Marketing GM on VMware Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft exec responds to VMware Hybrid Cloud. Heavily.

Great VMware Opportunity: Networking, Security, VXLAN, vShield, vSphere, vCloud

Join the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Products team in this exciting network/security role.

Job Opportunity at VMware: vSphere Linux KVM Xen Storage Networking

Exciting new opportunity to join the VMware cloud infrastructure competitive lab team.

Part V: The Unveiling

Be sure to sign up for the major VMware event happening July 12, 2011 at 9 a.m.

VMware is Hiring – Join the Competitive Lab

There is an opening at VMware for a top-notch virtualization technologist to be part of the Competitive Lab! Interested?

Support VMware: 2009 Community Choice Awards

Have you voted in the 2009 Community Choice Awards yet? Deadline is September 16 — if you want to support VMware and have a chance to win $250 at the same time, head over and vote today! Voting Guide For those party members seeking official VCritical recommendations, the following voting guide is offered. VMware appears […]

My VMworld 2009 Experience

VMworld 2009 was held in San Francisco, California at the Moscone center from August 31 – September 3rd.  It was a great show and you could really feel the energy from customers, partners, and VMware people alike. Maybe next year I will do some live blogging from the show, but this time I decided to […]

Notice the new VMware logo?

The font has subtly changed and the three boxes are gone.

140 vSpheres/hour

Even in the face of a tough economy and "free" competing hypervisors, VMware continues to acquire customers.

Is SCVMM 2008 R2 really banned from VMworld?

It makes for great drama to say that VMware will not allow Microsoft Virtualization to exhibit their latest product -- but it is not true.

Hyper-V Market Share Lies

So now it’s okay to just make up market share numbers? Last week Microsoft COO Kevin Turner made a shocking proclamation in this Dow Jones article: “We launched our first product in October of this past year. from then till now, we gained 24 points of market share against a very, very formidable competitor,” Turner […]

Win a MacBook Air or iPod Touch

If you have upgraded to vSphere and have an interesting story to share with VMware, you could win a new MacBook or iPod. Deadline is August 17 — check it out.

Developer Day at VMworld 2009

Monday, August 31st VMware will be hosting Technology Exchange Developer Day for just $249. Get a free vSphere Standard development license and meet the engineers behind VMware software.

The Million Hypervisor March

Hyper-V is often downloaded to Windows Server systems that will never be used to run virtual machines. Making this an irrelevant metric for Hyper-V installed base figures.

Nice Windows VM you’ve got there…

The SVVP identifies VMware ESX releases that are supported by Microsoft. Customers are sometimes turned away unnecessarily due to lack of awareness.

Would you buy a hypervisor from these guys?

Recently, Microsoft published a questionable video dispelling numerous VMware myths.  The only problem, at least for Microsoft, is that they really didn’t do a very convincing job.  In fact, the video is so sorry that I don’t mind promoting it here on VCritical — check it out! Mythbusters Busted Gabe’s Virtual World has an excellent […]

Installing vCenter on Linux Technical Preview

vCenter on Linux is distributed as a virtual appliance; it is really easy to try out.  However, the only supported database at the moment is Oracle — this might be a stumbling block for some.  While the installation guide covers everything you need to know, here are some quick tips that may help clarify some […]

VM Encapsulation

Encapsulation is one of the four key benefits of VMware virtual machines.  On the surface it may seem like this is a common feature across all virtualization platforms — but it’s not. If you are a VMware ESX administrator, you know that a VMware virtual machine consists of several files,  normally contained in a single […]

VMware Success Stories

Did you know there is an interactive database of VMware customer success stories?  You can search by customer, industry, solution or other parameters.  Pretty cool.

Need $57,000?

Ever wonder what the salary difference is between an MCSE and a VCP?  Here is one perspective: VCP $123,000 MCSE $66,000 View Larger Salary Graph

Hyper-V Server Hyperbole

Initially, Hyper-V Server was sort of a mystery.  Some kind of “bare metal hypervisor” that “is not Windows” sounded peculiar.  Details were scarce.  Some thought it would be like ESXi, a small-footprint design that can be embedded in a server via flash memory.  As you know, it turned out to be nothing more than Windows […]

VMware Update Manager Performance and Practices

VMware has released a new whitepaper that covers best practices for Update Manager, a product that is included with VirtualCenter Server.

Upgrading your management platform from the entry-level edition

Both VMware VirtualCenter and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) come in an entry-level edition for sites that are not yet at enterprise deployment levels.  VMware calls their offering Foundation and Microsoft’s is Workgroup Edition.  Similarly, both vendors also offer free, time-limited evaluations of their enterprise products.

Have you seen “the IDC report”?

If you are following the virtualization industry, you have most certainly seen one of the many articles about the IDC Virtualization Tracker report that was just released. Folks, this report has some big problems.  According to the IDC Fact Sheet, “IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Server Virtualization Tracker consists of independent, unbiased data, updated quarterly.”  I’m not […]

Hey boss, where do you want these virtual machines?

There are quite a few articles these days comparing VMware virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V, which is to be expected since the press knows this topic is in the foreground for many IT managers right now. A typical, albeit incorrect, comparison goes something like this: Both products are bare metal hypervisors VMware has lots of great […]