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VM Encapsulation

Encapsulation is one of the four key benefits of VMware virtual machines.  On the surface it may seem like this is a common feature across all virtualization platforms — but it’s not. If you are a VMware ESX administrator, you know that a VMware virtual machine consists of several files,  normally contained in a single […]

Finding thin-provisioned virtual disks with PowerShell

Even though the VI Client does not offer creation of VMs with thin-provisioned disks, they may exist. Use a PowerShell script to identify them.

Thanks for all the port groups!

VMware ESX virtual machine networking is pretty straightforward.  A virtual switch (vSwitch) is created on each host by default and is associated with one or more physical NICs.  When multiple physical NICs are used, virtual machines benefit from added redundancy and load balancing by simply connecting to such a vSwitch. However, VMs don’t connect directly […]