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Easy recovery from a full VMware ESX datastore

With VMware vSphere, ESX, and VMFS, running out of space on a datastore does not cause damage to virtual machines. It is easy to recover without even a guest OS reboot.

PowerShell Prevents Datastore Emergencies

When a datastore in your VMware vSphere environment is about to fill up, you can have vCenter automatically spring into action to prevent downtime by using Storage VMotion.

On Quick Storage Migration in R2

Unlike Storage VMotion from VMware, Quick Storage Migration requires a VM to suspend and be unavailable for a period of time, making it unsuitable for production.

Storage VMotion Q&A

Yesterday Chad Sakac wrote a nice article on Storage VMotion that you might want to check out. I think the Q&A format makes it easy to read. It is an amazing thing to see an entire running VM move from one storage array to another.  Hmm, makes you wonder what the smart guys in VMware […]