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Quickly Check Interface Status on Multiple Cisco Blade Switches in an HP C7000 Chassis

See how to use 'clogin' from the open source RANCID tools to quickly view the status of all interfaces connected to a particular HP blade server outfitted with Cisco Blade Switches.

The Secret of Ephemeral Port Groups

When using the VMware vSphere Distributed Switch, ephemeral port groups offer a capability not found in the other two binding options.

NIC Teaming Update: Hyper-V Still Cloudy as Ever

Network teaming provides load balancing and fault tolerance to your virtual infrastructure. VMware vSphere provides powerful, elegant solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. The Hyper-V platform continues to rely on unsupported legacy technologies.

OpSource Cloud Experience — Networking

Learn some of the details behind the OpSource Cloud network topology and performance.

Yes, NIC teaming is not unsupported

Unlike Hyper-V, VMware ESX ships with complete network interface (NIC) teaming capabilities, a critical feature for hypervisors.

Clean up vCenter with PowerShell after SCVMM leaves

When System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) connects to VirtualCenter/vCenter, several changes are made. Learn how to recover everything with PowerShell.

Thanks for all the port groups!

VMware ESX virtual machine networking is pretty straightforward.  A virtual switch (vSwitch) is created on each host by default and is associated with one or more physical NICs.  When multiple physical NICs are used, virtual machines benefit from added redundancy and load balancing by simply connecting to such a vSwitch. However, VMs don’t connect directly […]