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Microsoft Employee Submits to Polygraph Testing

Hilarious series of polygraph videos with Microsoft employee under interrogation.

Conjecture from Microsoft Marketing GM on VMware Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft exec responds to VMware Hybrid Cloud. Heavily.

Azure Cloud Appliances: Doomed from the Start?

The length of the short list of Microsoft partners offering a huge Azure "appliance" is approaching zero.

Microsoft Surface Secret Leaked: Return of Windows NT

Will a future version of the tepid Microsoft Surface tablet run a resurrected version of Windows NT?

Hyper-V 3 Offers Unlimited Live Migrations — Kind of

The next version of Hyper-V, part of Windows Server 2012, purportedly performs "unlimited" concurrent live migrations.

System Center 2012 “Cloud in Your Pocket”; More Lies Ahead

It takes a lot more than a 16GB flash drive full of management products to deliver a production cloud.

System Center 2012 “Ready Now”; More Lies Ahead

Microsoft System Center private cloud campaign claims "Ready now." Is it?

Microsoft Management Summit 2012 a.k.a. “MMS 2011 for real this time”

Microsoft tipped their hand by announcing a plethora of beta products in 2011, left with little to announce this year at Microsoft Management Summit 2012.

System Center 2012 RTM

System Center 2012 RTM planned for "2H CY11" -- can you feel the excitement?

Announcing the Cloud Power Caption Contest Winner

The Microsoft Cloud Power billboard on Highway 101 is obscured by a construction project. See who won last week's caption contest.

Cloud Power Caption Contest [Win VMware Workstation 8!]

Win a copy of the new VMware Workstation 8 by providing the best caption for a photo of the Microsoft Cloud Power billboard construction site.

Disingenuous Cost Comparisons

Learn Microsoft's trick behind the claim that VMware vSphere costs as much as five times more than Hyper-V.

Understanding VMware vSphere, ESXi, and Release Cycles

Some newcomers to virtualization don't know that VMware vSphere is the combination of VMware ESXi and vCenter Server. By launching a complete virtualization infrastructure platform, VMware can offer more advanced capabilities than the staggered Hyper-V releases from Microsoft.

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory: Not Quite Ready to Demo!

At MMS 2011, Microsoft presented a fake demonstration of Hyper-V Dynamic Memory in a breakout session. But why?

How Steve Ballmer Uses Evernote to Manage Executives

What would it be like to see Steve Ballmer's MacBook Pro, where he uses Evernote to devise his latest Microsoft executive transition plans.

vComeback Contest Winners! [Microsoft Cloud Power]

Last week VCritical hosted the vComeback Contest which received scores of responses. Now find out who the winners are!

vComeback Contest: Microsoft Cloud Power Billboard

Your pithy response to Microsoft's latest cloud billboard could win you a copy of Maximum vSphere in the first-ever vComeback Contest!

Which 50% will you virtualize?

Bob Kelley, a Microsoft VP, recently made the claim that only 50 percent of all workloads will be virtualized. The rest of the industry clearly disagrees.

Is SCVMM 2008 R2 really banned from VMworld?

It makes for great drama to say that VMware will not allow Microsoft Virtualization to exhibit their latest product -- but it is not true.

Hyper-V Market Share Lies

So now it’s okay to just make up market share numbers? Last week Microsoft COO Kevin Turner made a shocking proclamation in this Dow Jones article: “We launched our first product in October of this past year. from then till now, we gained 24 points of market share against a very, very formidable competitor,” Turner […]

On Quick Storage Migration in R2

Unlike Storage VMotion from VMware, Quick Storage Migration requires a VM to suspend and be unavailable for a period of time, making it unsuitable for production.

The Million Hypervisor March

Hyper-V is often downloaded to Windows Server systems that will never be used to run virtual machines. Making this an irrelevant metric for Hyper-V installed base figures.

Clean Virtualization

Have you seen the new look of Microsoft Virtualization?  Even though it’s new, it looks familiar to me for some reason.  Here is a sample of the design: It makes me think of clean, but not clean as in save the earth with clean energy.  More like scrubbing shower tile clean… Now that’s complete virtualization […]

Nice Windows VM you’ve got there…

The SVVP identifies VMware ESX releases that are supported by Microsoft. Customers are sometimes turned away unnecessarily due to lack of awareness.

Microsoft tries deception, gets caught

In a failed effort to acknowledge viability of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Microsoft is caught posting false comments on VCritical.

Hyper-V Linux Smokescreen

Hyper-V Linux guests (SUSE) do not yet have integration components or customization capabilities. Nor can you P2V a Linux system to Hyper-V.

Deceptive Microsoft SCVMM Advertising

System Center Virtual Machine Manager is limited to managing virtual machines (VMs). Claims that SCVMM can manage physical infrastructure are misleading.

Need $57,000?

Ever wonder what the salary difference is between an MCSE and a VCP?  Here is one perspective: VCP $123,000 MCSE $66,000 View Larger Salary Graph

Hyper-V Server Hyperbole

Initially, Hyper-V Server was sort of a mystery.  Some kind of “bare metal hypervisor” that “is not Windows” sounded peculiar.  Details were scarce.  Some thought it would be like ESXi, a small-footprint design that can be embedded in a server via flash memory.  As you know, it turned out to be nothing more than Windows […]