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New network and scripted install features in Photon OS TP2

Photon OS TP2, the open source small-footprint container runtime from VMware, gains several new features to help vSphere administrators deploy and manage: PXE boot, scripted install, and guest OS customization.

VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the Best Stack to Back OpenStack

See why VMware vSphere with Virtual SAN delivers the best infrastructure for OpenStack environments.

Automating VMware Tools install on Ubuntu 12.04

Include VMware Tools during Ubuntu PXE installs by adding a few lines to the preseed configuration.

VMware vCenter Server Appliance and vRAM Reporting

VMware vSphere 5 introduces a new license report for vRAM. Unfortunately, the report does not display properly when using the Linux-based vCenter Server Virtual Appliance until a small workaround is executed.

Peaceful Coexistence: WDS and Linux PXE Servers

PXE is arguably the best way to install VMware ESXi or Linux and it also enables various Linux-based utilities. See how to configure Windows Deployment Services to coexist with a Linux PXE server.

SLES for VMware Entitlement Expands Broadly

SLES for VMware is an OEM version of Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. VMware recently expanded the entitlement to this well-supported Linux distribution to nearly all vSphere customers.

Does Microsoft really support Linux on Hyper-V?

Microsoft claims that Linux guests running on Hyper-V are fully supported -- find out what really happens when a customer tries to get help with a SLES VM.

Getting eth0 back in a SLES for VMware clone

After cloning a Linux VM in vSphere, the network interface may be named eth1 instead of eth0. Learn how to change it in a snap.

Installing VMware Tools OSPs in SLES for VMware

VMware Operating System Specific Packages (OSPs) are an alternative to the VMware Tools bundled with vSphere. Pre-built packages are available for SLES for VMware (SLES 11 SP1) and easy to install.

SLES for VMware – First Look

SLES for VMware is an enterprise-class Linux distribution suitable for any production workload and available for free to qualifying vSphere customers.

Dear Red Hat…

Satirical open letter to Red Hat from VMware ESX.

Linux apps run directly on Windows with virtualization!

Microsoft has broken through numerous technological barriers, enabling Windows/Hyper-V to directly execute Linux applications.

Even GPL can’t make Hyper-V Linux VMs well

Even with the recent move of offering open source (GPL2) Linux integration components (drivers), Linux guests fall quite short of being first-class virtual citizens on Hyper-V.

Choose any two: Hyper-V, HA, Linux

It is very difficult to cleanly shut down a Linux VM on Hyper-V if it is configured for HA. This is because there is no orderly guest shutdown feature in the integration components.

VMware ESX 4 – use cURL to grab files

I need to quickly download an ISO image to my new VMware ESX 4 box and discovered that the cURL utility is now included — pretty handy. If you have not used cURL, it is similar to wget.  However, with no parameters cURL will spew the download to standard out — definitely not what you […]

Hyper-V Linux integration components no longer Connected

I have given some coverage recently to Linux guest operating system support on Hyper-V, especially the incredible announcement last month of mouse support for Linux guests! Just when you thought it could not get any better, the Microsoft Virtualization gang surprised us again this month.  No, it’s still not orderly guest shutdown support, or OS […]

Of Mice and Xen

The Citrix/Microsoft partnership continues to bear fruit.  Just yesterday they announced an awesome new capability for Linux virtual machines running on Hyper-V.  Have you heard? No, it’s not P2V and it’s not guest customization.  No, it’s not orderly guest shutdown.  It’s not time sync either. You must have seen it — the news is everywhere!  […]

vCenter for Linux article disappointing

Yesterday I was sifting through my email and noticed a little promo blurb to an article written about the VMware vCenter on Linux technical preview: That teaser was clearly written by someone unfamiliar enough with Linux and databases to confuse the two.  Hint: vCenter for Linux is a VM appliance — the distro is irrelevant […]

Installing vCenter on Linux Technical Preview

vCenter on Linux is distributed as a virtual appliance; it is really easy to try out.  However, the only supported database at the moment is Oracle — this might be a stumbling block for some.  While the installation guide covers everything you need to know, here are some quick tips that may help clarify some […]

Hyper-V Linux Smokescreen

Hyper-V Linux guests (SUSE) do not yet have integration components or customization capabilities. Nor can you P2V a Linux system to Hyper-V.

Which guest operating systems can be customized by SCVMM?

Although SLES 10 is supposedly supported by SCVMM 2008, administrators must look elsewhere for a Linux guest customization solution.