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Clean Virtualization

Have you seen the new look of Microsoft Virtualization?  Even though it’s new, it looks familiar to me for some reason.  Here is a sample of the design: It makes me think of clean, but not clean as in save the earth with clean energy.  More like scrubbing shower tile clean… Now that’s complete virtualization […]

CIO deploys Hyper-V, loses job to 15-year-old

A colleague pointed out this CIO interview from Business & Leadership and I thought it was good for a laugh.  Keep in mind, not counting developers, this IT department has two employees — including the CIO.  You might call that position an IT Manager. I learned quite a few things by reading this article: Running […]

Fishy Hostnames

Bonjour!  Wait, I’m not in Cannes right now at VMworld Europe 2009.  No, I’m watching the competition’s desperate partnership and vaporware announcements online,  just like many of you.  I felt like writing about something completely different this time. What are the worst hostnames you’ve come across?  I think I’ve got mine narrowed down to these […]

Windows Server Core training kit – 1994 edition

Recently, I was going through some old computer paraphernalia at home and came across something that might just come in handy if I ever have to use Windows Server Core: