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VCritical in the top vDozen at vSphere-land

VCritical was voted #12 in the latest vSphere-land top blog survey.

Got Gravatar?

Have you noticed the avatar images next to blog comments that make each author more easily identifiable? On WordPress blogs, these images are generally made possible through a service called Gravatar.  Most of the Top 20 Blogs at vSphere Land use WordPress — if you plan on commenting on the VM blogs, why not take […]

Thinking about blogging?

Are you hesitant to start your own blog because you want to “do it right?”  Would you like to hear some step-by-step startup tips directly from an expert blogger?  If so, you are in luck!  No, I’m not talking about me, folks —  Brent Ozar, the SQL Server Expert who has been blogging for ages, […]