Breaking news.  Microsoft employee submits to polygraph test, results leaked and now available for all to see!

Built for the Future

Twenty years isn’t that long ago!

Maximum Uptime

IT people would probably call vSphere reliable

Virtualize Everything

How do you virtualize the entire datacenter?

Total Cost of Ownership

It’s kind of free


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I really enjoyed reading this latest FUD piece out of Redmond, which is a response to the recent VMware Hybrid Cloud announcement — although it does have a sort of desperate, blown-gasket feel to it.

TL;DR takeaway: As of yesterday, innovators are forbidden to release new products or services for their customers.  Sorry.  Too late.

And that’s very convenient for Microsoft, especially when it comes to cloud computing and virtual infrastructure.  I mean, if you look at some of the crazy things they were trying to do in order to be relevant in the past, such as peddle enormous cloud “appliances” that nobody wanted.  But it’s fine, because they killed that off just prior to the cutoff date.

And oh, speaking of flailing cloud strategies… lucky for the Azure team that they kind of almost finally have their IaaS offering sorted out in 2013 with the VM Role.  I mean Azure VMs.  Or is that in beta — a.k.a. “Preview” — still?  We’ve all lost track.

That article also does a lot of bragging about experience running public cloud services, for good reason — they have amassed broad expertise in dealing with issues such as SSL certificate expiration, air conditioner firmware upgrade failures, and leap year glitches.  Huge competitive advantage, for sure.

For some, I would imagine that rebooting the cloud every Patch Tuesday really is “good enough” — others prefer a more reliable foundation than Microsoft Windows.

Don’t “Go Turbo” on us, Microsoft…

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Looks like it’s end of the line for The Cloud appliances.  Always seemed puzzling that such a complex undertaking would be called an appliance.  Well, at least there is an industry dedicated to handling these situations.

Recyle.  For the children.

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It is once again time for the annual vSphere-Land vLaunchpad elections.  This September will mark five years of VCritical technical and competitive blogging.  Despite the controversial topics, I strive to write respectful articles, acknowledging that my brand of humor is not for everyone.  In addition to the competitive analysis, I have also provided some significant technical resources that still see heavy use daily on nested virtualization, PXE booting, and other topics relevant to virtualization enthusiasts.

Please vote for VCritical today as one of your top 10 favorites, and note that since the scoring is weighted, a higher rank is much more valuable than a lower one.

Supporter Celebration!

I would like to thank everyone that chooses to support VCritical this year.  If you decide to vote, please leave a comment below to let me know.  If VCritical breaks into the top 10, I will give away an iPad Mini to one random supporter as a way of saying thanks.


Latest virtualization backup product from Veeam Software now allows vSphere administrators to leverage public cloud storage, providing an easy-to-use offsite repository to warehouse critical data. See a quick overview of the Cloud Edition in this video:

What I meant to say, was:

Yo dawg, Veeam heard you like clouds so they put a cloud in your backup so you can back up to the cloud while you back up your cloud.

Hey, Veeam is also giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab on February 14th – sign up!



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