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VMware ESXi 5 Scripted Install to USB Flash

VMware vSphere 5 adds the ability to perform a scripted installation of VMware ESXi 5 to a USB flash drive or SD card. Hyper-V? Not so much.

VMware ESXi 5 Interactive PXE Installation Improvements

VMware ESXi 5 media can be used for interactive PXE installs without creating the image.tgz file that ESXi 4.1 required. A "prefix" directive for boot.cfg also makes it easier to organize various versions of the install media into subdirectories.

VMware vSphere can virtualize itself + 64-bit nested guests

VMware vSphere 5 makes it even easier to virtualize ESXi, and can now run nested 64-bit guests.

Part V: The Unveiling

Be sure to sign up for the major VMware event happening July 12, 2011 at 9 a.m.

Peaceful Coexistence: WDS and Linux PXE Servers

PXE is arguably the best way to install VMware ESXi or Linux and it also enables various Linux-based utilities. See how to configure Windows Deployment Services to coexist with a Linux PXE server.

A recent article on a popular technology media outlet includes misinformed claims about Hyper-V Dynamic Memory advantages over VMware vSphere.

Disingenuous Cost Comparisons

Learn Microsoft's trick behind the claim that VMware vSphere costs as much as five times more than Hyper-V.

The Secret of Ephemeral Port Groups

When using the VMware vSphere Distributed Switch, ephemeral port groups offer a capability not found in the other two binding options.

NIC Teaming Update: Hyper-V Still Cloudy as Ever

Network teaming provides load balancing and fault tolerance to your virtual infrastructure. VMware vSphere provides powerful, elegant solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. The Hyper-V platform continues to rely on unsupported legacy technologies.

Understanding VMware vSphere, ESXi, and Release Cycles

Some newcomers to virtualization don't know that VMware vSphere is the combination of VMware ESXi and vCenter Server. By launching a complete virtualization infrastructure platform, VMware can offer more advanced capabilities than the staggered Hyper-V releases from Microsoft.

vSphere Smokes Competitors in InfoWorld Shoot-Out

Latest InfoWorld comparison of all major virtualization platforms puts VMware vSphere on top!

OpSource Cloud Experience — Import/Export

See the two-step process used to export a VM from the OpSource Cloud in OVF format for use with a vSphere private cloud.

OpSource Cloud Experience — Networking

Learn some of the details behind the OpSource Cloud network topology and performance.

OpSource Cloud Experience — Connecting

Learn about connection options, such as SSL VPN and NAT, for workloads running on the OpSource Cloud.

OpSource Cloud Experience — Introduction

OpSource Cloud is a public IaaS cloud built on VMware vSphere 4.1. Take a look at some of the features in this multi-part series.

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory: Not Quite Ready to Demo!

At MMS 2011, Microsoft presented a fake demonstration of Hyper-V Dynamic Memory in a breakout session. But why?

VCritical Launches into Facebook! [The North Face Backpack Giveaway]

Join VCritical on Facebook for a chance to win a cool The North Face Yavapai Backpack.

Resource Pools to the Rescue

VMware vSphere Resource Pools are a proven means to reliably share infrastructure. Hyper-V requires administrators to manage CPU reservations and limits on an individual VM basis.

Start and Manage a VM Without Using vSphere Client

Use Tech Support Mode on VMware ESXi to find, start, and obtain guest OS IP address information from a virtual machine -- without using the vSphere Client on Windows.

Cold Starting a Datacenter

A couple of VMware vSphere features can help ensure your virtual infrastructure starts up well after a significant datacenter power event.

Book Review: VCP4 Exam Cram [Giveaway!]

The recently-updated VCP4 Exam Cram book can help ensure you are ready to take the VMware Certified Professional test and the publisher is giving away 10 copies to VCritical readers!

VMware is Hiring – Join the Competitive Lab

There is an opening at VMware for a top-notch virtualization technologist to be part of the Competitive Lab! Interested?

SLES for VMware Entitlement Expands Broadly

SLES for VMware is an OEM version of Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. VMware recently expanded the entitlement to this well-supported Linux distribution to nearly all vSphere customers.

Get Rid of those ESXi Tech Support Mode Warnings

After enabling Tech Support Mode on ESXi 4.1, a Configuration Issues warning is displayed in the vSphere Client. Find out how to quickly get rid of the message without a host reboot.

State of the Sponsors 2011

See an update on current happenings from four VCritical sponsors that are focused on virtualization management.

How Steve Ballmer Uses Evernote to Manage Executives

What would it be like to see Steve Ballmer's MacBook Pro, where he uses Evernote to devise his latest Microsoft executive transition plans.

Unboxing the Cloud

See a [hilarious] video where experts from Neovise unbox the industry's first "cloud in a box"

vComeback Contest Winners! [Microsoft Cloud Power]

Last week VCritical hosted the vComeback Contest which received scores of responses. Now find out who the winners are!

vComeback Contest: Microsoft Cloud Power Billboard

Your pithy response to Microsoft's latest cloud billboard could win you a copy of Maximum vSphere in the first-ever vComeback Contest!

Best of 2010

As we come to the end of 2010, take a look back at some of the top articles on VCritical.

Hyper-V [Not Exactly] Dynamic Memory

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory is coming in SP1, but workarounds may be needed to install applications.

Automating SSL Certificate Deployments for HP iLO

In this article I show you how to become your own Certificate Authority (CA) and write a simple script that automatically deploys a signed SSL certificate to an HP iLO controller.

Microsoft Private Cloud: No CSV Allowed!

The new Microsoft private cloud "Virtual Machine Manager Self Server Portal 2" takes a major step backward, reverting to the "one VM per LUN" limitation when scripting LUN creation.

Microsoft likens vSphere cloud to ancient fax machines

Director of Microsoft Virtualization says vSphere hybrid clouds remind him of ancient fax machines, overlooking reality of current IaaS landscape.

Does Microsoft really support Linux on Hyper-V?

Microsoft claims that Linux guests running on Hyper-V are fully supported -- find out what really happens when a customer tries to get help with a SLES VM.

Gartner: Hyper-V Under-performing, Not Grabbing Share

Gartner says Hyper-V not meeting expectations even in midmarket, VMware doing pretty well.

Getting eth0 back in a SLES for VMware clone

After cloning a Linux VM in vSphere, the network interface may be named eth1 instead of eth0. Learn how to change it in a snap.

Installing VMware Tools OSPs in SLES for VMware

VMware Operating System Specific Packages (OSPs) are an alternative to the VMware Tools bundled with vSphere. Pre-built packages are available for SLES for VMware (SLES 11 SP1) and easy to install.

SLES for VMware – First Look

SLES for VMware is an enterprise-class Linux distribution suitable for any production workload and available for free to qualifying vSphere customers.

Hyper-Vacating Your Datacenter with vSphere 4.1

A new feature in vSphere 4.1 allows administrators to easily perform a cold conversion (V2V) of a Hyper-V virtual machine.

Book Review: Maximum vSphere

Maximum vSphere is Eric Siebert's newest book and a must-have for any vSphere administrator.

VMworld 2010 – TA8188: Competitive Platform Shootout

Session TA8188 at VMworld 2010 will cover VMware vSphere competitive advantages over other platforms. No mention of successful multi-hypervisor strategies for your enterprise, however.

Register a LUN full of VMs with PowerCLI

PowerCLI makes it easy to automate vSphere tasks such as registering dormant VMs. It is also easy to create a hosts file for resolving guest IP addresses when DNS is not available.

VMware vSphere 4.1 – the best virtualization platform yet

Roundup of recent VMware vSphere 4.1 reviews and competitive evaluation resources.

RHEV Wrap-Up

The RHEV series on VCritical wraps up for now, as the Red Hat marketing machine tones down the misleading rhetoric on their unproven virtualization product.

Microsoft seeks to stem Azure exodus with huge appliance

Microsoft announces Azure-in-a-box, seemingly in response to customers leaving the hosted Azure platform.

These are not the files you are looking for

Red Hat claims that RHEV virtual disks are stored as common files. In reality, they are obfuscated beyond recognition thanks to LVM volumes.

Multiple hypervisors? What about multiple SANs?

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization does not allow administrators to diversify storage technologies in a data center -- all hosts in a data center must choose between NFS, iSCSI, or Fibre Channel.

Idle RHEV Hypervisors save power?

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization tries to save power by consolidating VMs onto fewer hosts. Unlike VMware DPM, hosts remain powered on -- still consuming significant datacenter energy. Only vSphere safely powers off unneeded hosts during off-peak periods.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: Pentium II Inside!

While VMware ESX exposes the latest performance-enhancing CPU instructions to virtual machines, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) takes a more conservative approach -- downgrading all CPUs to masquerade as an old Pentium II.

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