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Easy Auto Deploy reverse proxy cache with an Nginx container

See how to create a simple Nginx reverse proxy container for VMware vSphere Auto Deploy, which is great for setting up a proof of concept.

Send a Tweet Directly from a VMware ESXi Host

For my VMworld 2016 breakout sessions this year, I wanted to demonstrate new functionality that was added to Auto Deploy.  After exploring a few ideas, I settled on leveraging the new Script Bundle feature to send a post-boot tweet directly from stateless ESXi hosts.  I figured sending a tweet would be an effective way to […]

New network and scripted install features in Photon OS TP2

Photon OS TP2, the open source small-footprint container runtime from VMware, gains several new features to help vSphere administrators deploy and manage: PXE boot, scripted install, and guest OS customization.

Quickly Update to Docker 1.6 on Photon by using TDNF

VMware Project Photon Technical Preview 1 shipped with Docker 1.5. Learn how to update to the current version of Docker with a few simple commands.

Use Lightwave to authenticate SSH logins to Photon

Enable authorized users to log into Photon instances with ssh using Lightwave directory credentials, eliminating the need to manage local user accounts.

Project Lightwave Quickstart

Learn how to quickly install the Project Lightwave identity and access management platform on Photon.

VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the Best Stack to Back OpenStack

See why VMware vSphere with Virtual SAN delivers the best infrastructure for OpenStack environments.

Automatically prepare an ESXi ISO image for PXE booting

Use this shell script to extract and modify the contents of an ESXi ISO image for use with PXE boot installation.

Survey Reveals Evolving Role of IT – Emphasis on Cloud and Mobile

New survey acknowledges importance of mobile device management in the enterprise, which is obviously why VMware acquired AirWatch.

Visualize the Advantage of Standardizing on a Single Hypervisor

Managing a multi-hypervisor datacenter is chaotic - like 32 out-of-sync metronomes.

“I’m so glad we switched back to VMware”

Dierbergs switched from vSphere to Hyper-V in an effort to reduce licensing costs, but ultimately returned to VMware when the promise of "good enough" failed to materialize.

Is Everyone but You Deploying a Multi-Hypervisor Data Center?

Multi-hypervisor data centers are on the decline, despite what you may be hearing from motivated challengers to the market leader.

Quickly Check Interface Status on Multiple Cisco Blade Switches in an HP C7000 Chassis

See how to use 'clogin' from the open source RANCID tools to quickly view the status of all interfaces connected to a particular HP blade server outfitted with Cisco Blade Switches.

Make Mac OS X Even More Awesome with Homebrew

Use the Homebrew package manager to quickly add command-line tools and more to Mac OS X.

Automating VMware Tools install on Ubuntu 12.04

Include VMware Tools during Ubuntu PXE installs by adding a few lines to the preseed configuration.

Microsoft Employee Submits to Polygraph Testing

Hilarious series of polygraph videos with Microsoft employee under interrogation.

Conjecture from Microsoft Marketing GM on VMware Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft exec responds to VMware Hybrid Cloud. Heavily.

Azure Cloud Appliances: Doomed from the Start?

The length of the short list of Microsoft partners offering a huge Azure "appliance" is approaching zero.

Veeam Backup & Replication Cloud Edition

Latest edition of Veeam Backup & Replication allows vSphere administrators to back up to a public cloud.

Microsoft Surface Secret Leaked: Return of Windows NT

Will a future version of the tepid Microsoft Surface tablet run a resurrected version of Windows NT?

Shared-nothing Live Migration: Zero Downtime — Kind of

Both vSphere and Hyper-V offer a capability to move running virtual machines and storage in a single operation, but virtual disks on local storage cannot be protected by HA.

Book Review: VMware vSphere 5 – Building a Virtual Datacenter

New book on vSphere 5 covers a variety of technical aspects needed for effective virtual infrastructure design and administration.

SR-IOV and VMware vMotion

Working together with Intel and Dell, VMware demonstrated vMotion with SR-IOV on ESX in 2009.

vRAM eliminated on both vSphere 5.0 and 5.1

VMware removed vRAM entitlements from vSphere licensing; applies to existing 5.0 as well as 5.1 environments.

Real Uses for Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines

Fault tolerant virtual machines can protect key elements of an infrastructure today, while Windows Hyper-V offers only criticism, press releases, and vaporware.

How to make ESXi more like Hyper-V — funner!

Why should Hyper-V have all the fun?

We Fear Change

With the launch of vSphere 5.1, VMware is neutralizing the controversial vRAM-based licensing model and reverting to the former per-socket arrangement. Tad is busy updating his sales and marketing collateral.

Who needs a million IOPS for a single VM?

Microsoft tried to compare storage performance results from the upcoming Windows Hyper-V 3 with experiments from a year-old vSphere whitepaper that used completely different configurations -- see what happens when similar configurations are used.

Hyper-V 3 Offers Unlimited Live Migrations — Kind of

The next version of Hyper-V, part of Windows Server 2012, purportedly performs "unlimited" concurrent live migrations.

System Center 2012 “Cloud in Your Pocket”; More Lies Ahead

It takes a lot more than a 16GB flash drive full of management products to deliver a production cloud.

System Center 2012 “Ready Now”; More Lies Ahead

Microsoft System Center private cloud campaign claims "Ready now." Is it?

3 CPUs and 12GB RAM is the New Tier-1 App

In what can only be regarded as a breakthrough in hypervisor performance technology, it is now possible to run tier-1 applications on minimal resources and without regard for high-availability of any kind!

Great VMware Opportunity: Networking, Security, VXLAN, vShield, vSphere, vCloud

Join the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Products team in this exciting network/security role.

Missing: “Private Clouds” at the MMS 2012 Hosted Cloud Pavilion

The "hosted private clouds" on display at MMS 2012 were based on shared infrastructure, making them public clouds in reality.

Missing: System Center 2012 Hybrid Cloud

According to NIST, hybrid cloud infrastructures enable data and application portability - not typically a point of compatibility between PaaS and IaaS clouds.

Microsoft Management Summit 2012 a.k.a. “MMS 2011 for real this time”

Microsoft tipped their hand by announcing a plethora of beta products in 2011, left with little to announce this year at Microsoft Management Summit 2012.

System Center 2012 — “Now it’s a cloud!”

How is a tricked-out bicycle like a System Center 2012 private cloud?

vMotion Performance on VROOM! Videos

Todd and Sreekanth from the VMware Performance Team talk about vMotion, with a guest appearance by Eric Gray.

Book Review: Automating vSphere with vCenter Orchestrator [Giveaway!]

New book on vCenter Orchestrator from Cody Bunch shows how to automate vSphere tasks. WIN one of ten copies!

Job Opportunity at VMware: vSphere Linux KVM Xen Storage Networking

Exciting new opportunity to join the VMware cloud infrastructure competitive lab team.

System Center 2012 RTM

System Center 2012 RTM planned for "2H CY11" -- can you feel the excitement?

Favorite iPhone apps for keeping up with the virtualization community

Two iPhone apps to help keep up with podcasts and RSS feeds.

What are you doing with nested virtualization?

Virtualizing vSphere enables many possibilites for learning and experimenting. What you *you* doing with nested virtualization?

VMware vMotion: Over 5 Times Faster Than Hyper-V Live Migration

Side-by-side tests show that VMware vMotion is over 5 times faster than Hyper-V Live Migration. Plus, vMotion is more reliable and protects application SLAs much better than Hyper-V.

Announcing the Cloud Power Caption Contest Winner

The Microsoft Cloud Power billboard on Highway 101 is obscured by a construction project. See who won last week's caption contest.

Cloud Power Caption Contest [Win VMware Workstation 8!]

Win a copy of the new VMware Workstation 8 by providing the best caption for a photo of the Microsoft Cloud Power billboard construction site.

VMware vSphere 5 outperforms Hyper-V by nearly 20%

Independent tests show VMware vSphere 5 outperforms Hyper-V R2 SP1 in overall performance, resource management, and scalability.

VMware vCenter Server Appliance and vRAM Reporting

VMware vSphere 5 introduces a new license report for vRAM. Unfortunately, the report does not display properly when using the Linux-based vCenter Server Virtual Appliance until a small workaround is executed.

Citrix Not Focused on Server Virtualization?

Citrix CFO downplays XenServer during Q2 2011 earnings call, shifting focus to Microsoft Hyper-V.

Price Commitment for Windows Server Workloads

In a recent blog post filled with FUD and misinformation, the Microsoft virtualization team makes a surprising commitment to maintain Windows pricing.

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