Favorite iPhone apps for keeping up with the virtualization community

It can be challenging to keep up with the volume of virtualization news and information.  Here are a couple of iPhone apps that I’ve found useful enough to keep on the home screen of my device.

Download or stream podcasts without iTunes sync

My car did not come equipped with an iPhone interface, so I purchased a cool little adapter to replace the CD changer in my factory audio system for a much improved commuting experience.  In order to listen to podcasts without having to sync with iTunes, I use Instacast — it can stream episodes over 3G data or quickly cache multiple episodes when WiFi is available.  It also has handy features to skip forward or even speed up the conversation — ever wonder what John Troyer sounds like at 2x speed?

Mobile Google Reader Client

Although RSS feeds seem to be falling out of fashion these days, I still rely on Google Reader to at least try to track what is going on in the blogosphere.  The native web interface to Reader is okay in a pinch, but I’ve found that the Feeddler app is a very efficient way to quickly read articles on the go.

How about you — have you abandoned the idea of keeping up with RSS feeds?  What apps do you use regularly to help stay abreast of happenings in the virtualization community?

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  1. Juanma (@jreypo)’s avatar

    Nice post!

    Personally on my Android phone I use the official Google Reader as my RSS client and Google Listen for podcasts.

    On the iPad I use Instacast HD and Feedler, reading RSS on the bigger iPad screen is great.


  2. Robert’s avatar

    Now i’m currius.

    Witch adapter did you buy ?

    1. Eric Gray’s avatar

      It is made by USA SPEC.

    2. Alex Harden’s avatar

      On the iPhone I use iCatcher for podcasts and MobileRSS for RSS feeds, which syncs with my Google Reader account. I use Google Reader to monitor over 100 feeds, including yours!

    3. James Anderson’s avatar

      I use Google Reader but use Flipboard to read through the feeds. When I find an interesting topic to read I will send it to Instapaper, via Flipboard, to read later or save for reference.

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