Book Review: VCP4 Exam Cram [Giveaway!]

Are you preparing for the VMware Certified Professional 4 Exam?  Whether updating from VCP3 or attempting to get certified for the first time, VCP4 Exam Cram by Elias Khnaser can help you attain your goal.  This handy book was just recently released and covers VMware vSphere 4.1.

The layout and content are well-presented, with just the right amount of screenshots.  The text itself is full of practice questions, but the book also includes a 75-question practice exam on CD-ROM that lets you really test your readiness.

To be clear, it will take a lot more than simply reading this book to earn your VCP4.  For starters, a week of instructor-led training is required.  In addition to that, serious hands-on time installing, configuring, and using vSphere is mandatory if you expect to pass the exam.

Whenever someone asks me how to get started preparing for VMware certification, I typically direct them to Simon Long’s excellent compilation of resources.  The new VCP4 Exam Cram book is another great supplement and highly recommended!

You may also be interested in the recent review by Jason Boche.

Ten Copies to Give Away!

VCP4 Exam Cram is published by Pearson, and they are kind enough to give away 10 copies of this valuable resource to VCritical readers.  This will be a simple contest, with two ways to win.

  1. Leave a comment on this post Five winners will be randomly selected and notified via email.
  2. Follow me (@eric_gray) on Twitter Five new followers will be randomly selected and notified via Twitter direct message.

Fine print:  Contest ends February 23 at 11:59 p.m. PST.  Winners must respond by February 25 at 11:59 PST or prize will be forfeited.  US residents only.

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  1. Nick Horton’s avatar

    I’ddig a copy of this book. Just got done with the troubleshooting class and am eyeing the VCP.

  2. Shane F.’s avatar

    I would love a copy of this book.

  3. Sean Thulin’s avatar

    This would be a great way to kickstart my VCP4 certification now that i’ve finished the classroom part.

  4. Mike Luca’s avatar


    I could use another source for study. Put me in for one.

  5. Carlos Aquino’s avatar

    I would love a copy of this book.

  6. Jeremy Girven’s avatar

    I would like to have a copy. I am preparing to take my test in March April time frame.

  7. Ariel Antigua’s avatar

    That must be a good source to study for the VCP…

    put me on the list!

  8. Greg Millies’s avatar

    Love to have a copy. Taking the test in March.

  9. Philip Jones’s avatar

    Always loved exam cram from early in my career. Prepping for Vcp now myself. Goal is for vcdx longterm….

  10. Gabriel’s avatar

    Let’s see if Lady Luck smiles at me. Would love the book.

  11. Paul’s avatar

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Brad Clarke’s avatar


  13. Angelo’s avatar

    I enjoy your twitter/blog insights.

  14. Ajeet’s avatar

    Be Certified and rule the virtual world.
    Would love to have this book.

  15. Matthew Elmore’s avatar

    A copy of this book would be awesome. I’ve taken the instructor-led course a year ago but haven’t taken the exam yet. Thus would be a perfect refresher!

  16. Eric J. Arevalo’s avatar

    Nice giveaway, count me in and thanks!

  17. EOvermeer’s avatar

    Switching from Hyper-V now, so this book is very welcome.

  18. Ondrej’s avatar

    I would like to have a copy of this book too 🙂

  19. Brian’s avatar

    The book sounds great, an excellent resource for the exam prep

  20. Sergey Khalavchuk’s avatar

    Let’s try to get the book, it will be very useful for my studies 🙂

  21. Jodi Shely’s avatar

    Having a copy of this book would make me look hot. Lol.. and of course conquer the world with my vcp upgrade.. Please pick me..

  22. Marco’s avatar

    Well, here’s my trial to get one of the interesting books.

  23. Shimron’s avatar

    Getting ready for my VCP exam so this would be a welcome addition. Also since I already follow you on twitter I can’t win that way 🙂

  24. virtues_it’s avatar

    Thank you for bringing this book under my attention. A great addition to the study materials I have collected so far for my exam prep.

  25. Conrad’s avatar

    I would love a copy. And I just started following you on Twitter as well!!

  26. Mac’s avatar

    US residents only? No love for your Aussie counterparts? 🙁

  27. Brian’s avatar

    I’m in! I just switched jobs and my new boss is willing to send me to the VCP class.

  28. Marco’s avatar

    Nice giveaway, count me in and thanks a lot.

  29. Jim G.’s avatar

    I’d love a copy of the book, looking forward to starting my vmWare certs.


  30. Mark Crouch’s avatar

    Awesome giveaway!! Did the training back in September and loved it; planning the exam for April time…..then my objective is VCAP-DCA – wish me luck 🙂

    1. Ajeet’s avatar

      Can you let me know the syllabus of VCAP-DCA.
      What is the cost of the exam?
      Is it completely practical or theoretical exam?

      1. Mark Crouch’s avatar

        Have a look at for the course/exam details.
        I have no idea of cost (my company pays, why would I care :D)
        It has practical and theoretical elements – it’s all covered in the link above.


      2. Rick’s avatar

        I would like a copy of the book!

      3. Youssef El Fathi’s avatar

        Cool, count me in !!!


      4. Scott Lewis’s avatar

        Great contest… would love this book!

      5. Tim’s avatar

        I would like a copy of the book 🙂

      6. Karl Bellingham’s avatar

        Would love to get my hands on a copy of this prior to the course in a few weeks time.

      7. Randall C.’s avatar

        I’ve taken and passed the VPC but would love to give it to my co-worker who will be attending training in the next few months.

        1. Lewis’s avatar

          It would be a nice review

        2. Glen Cobby’s avatar

          Would love a copy of this book, would be a good place for me to start studying for the VCP exam.

        3. Vishal’s avatar

          I would like to review this book for my VCP preparation

        4. Todd Walker’s avatar

          I’ve had the class and vSphere practice – this is the missing part to my preparation!

          1. xlr8’s avatar

            nice initiative – thanks!

          2. cvlr’s avatar

            Great contest, thank you for the give-aways.

          3. Rob Laurnoff’s avatar

            Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love a copy of the book.

          4. Greg’s avatar

            Please count me in…Thank you

          5. Tiago Sousa’s avatar

            great idea, could use the book. Thanks

          6. Henri’s avatar

            Been planning to upgrade from VCP3 to 4 and that book would help me.

          7. Brian’s avatar

            Would love a copy o this. Taking test May.

          8. Chris’s avatar

            Copy of the book would be great. Registering for “vShere What’s New” class for VCP4 cert.

          9. Jim G’s avatar

            Would love a copy as the VCP4 cert is on my goals list for 2011. Now, I just need to find a class close to my area.

          10. Matt Davis’s avatar

            I would love a copy as well… 🙂

          11. Bruce Olschewski’s avatar

            I would love to receive a copy. Upgrading to 4.1 from 4.0. Seriously looking at certifying. Thank you!

          12. Ryan Hui’s avatar

            I just took the Troubleshooting course and am preparing for the VCP4 exam, I would love a copy of this book.

          13. Sam J’s avatar

            I wasn’t planning to take the VCP exam but have VTSP so why not…

          14. Patrick’s avatar

            Let’s see if I can win a copy…

          15. Tolga’s avatar

            I could use this book. Great reference to have.

          16. George’s avatar

            I was planning to buy this book next month. If I win it in this contest I’ll save my money…

          17. bdwill’s avatar

            Would love to have a copy!

          18. ndevreede’s avatar

            real paper rocks..

          19. Mike Preston’s avatar

            and my shameless attempt at winning a copy

          20. latoga’s avatar

            sign me up for the drawing please…

          21. Leigh Wood’s avatar

            Like many others, I too am currently preparing for the VCP4 and would really appreciate a copy. Thanks for organising this.

          22. Marco’s avatar

            I guess i’m a little late … but will try anyway! 🙂 Thanks!

          23. Don Preston’s avatar

            I used Exam Cram Comptia Network + and Transcenders and passed the Network + exam. Now I am about to start a continuing ed class for VCP4 and this book would be very helpful.
            Pick me!

          24. JD Langdon’s avatar

            I too would love to have a copy of this book. Please include my name in the contest.

          25. michael’s avatar

            would relish having a copy badly.



          26. Curran’s avatar


            I am currently stuck on a desert island with my laptop in one hand and a coconut in the other. Mail me across a copy of the book would be greatly appreciated as I have plenty of time on my hands to study 😉


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