MS Virtual Server VM found to perform poorly while running inside an ESX VM

I came across this forum post today where a person is trying to evaluate SCVMM and Virtual Server — all running inside an ESX VM.  Apparently, the performance is bad… Doh!

At least someone responded with this helpful analogy:

It’s like buying a walk-in refrigerator and then putting a smaller one inside of it.

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  1. Jason Boche’s avatar

    Not surprising. The same thing happens when running a VMware VM on VMware ESX-in-a-box on VMware Workstation. ESX-in-a-box is great for evaluating on Workstation and is fast enough but don’t try running a VM too. Just putz around with service consoles, VIC, vCenter, etc.

  2. Eric Gray’s avatar

    Yep, I actually do run ESX in a Workstation VM from time to time as well. The difference here is that this evaluator did not realize he was trying to run a nested VM and was asking about the performance problem. I thought it was humorous. 🙂

  3. Jason Boche’s avatar

    Oh no doubt it’s plenty funny. It ought to be on the WB network “Now _that’s_ funny!” 🙂

  4. Neil’s avatar

    Oh dear! I’m glad he’s not my surgeon 🙂

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