IGT Part 3: One-VM-per-LUN doubters

This article is part of a series on Incoming Google Traffic (IGT).

Picture this: you finally have your shiny new Hyper-V cluster configured, after asking your SAN administrator to create a LUN for you.  You create a virtual machine on that LUN and test the quick migration failover from one node to another.  It works.  So far, so good.  You try to create a second VM.  System Center Virtual Machine Manager won’t let you.  What?  There is plenty of space on that LUN.  What’s going on?

Which leads us to the next installment of IGT:

hyper-v multiple vm’s in one lun

A few visitors have landed on VCritical in search of such a solution, so here is a hint: you need the other single pane of glass to perform the task, but you just might not like the consequences.

With VMware ESX, you can put many VMs on one LUN and migrate them independently among multiple hosts.  I hear Hyper-V R2 will be able to do this, too.  In 2010.

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